Importing a word 2000 document into Front Page

I have generated a 1000 web page directory using mail merge in word 2000.

I have saved each page as an HTM.

I am now trying to link to each page from front page.  

It works on my local PC.  But when i upload it to my server it says the page is not available.

I think I could be something to do with the database I generated the pages from.  Do i need to have it uploaded somewhere.
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You should check whether your server recognises calital letters within hyperlinks.  For me, the names of pages can be in mixed case on my local drive, but as soon as I transfer them to the server the links fail.

You should choose all lower case page names (e.g. index.htm, not Index.htm).
alanmarshamAuthor Commented:
Each document has a number not any letters E.g. 001.htm
is this the same thing.
No, it isn't :-(  Unless the links are using a capital HTM.

One thought - are you uploading the files you created to the server?  They must be in the Frontpage web directory where the rest of the web site is.
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alanmarshamAuthor Commented:
They are in a sub directry which is within the FP2000  directry.  I am thinking maybe I need to import them somehow into FP2000.
Can we see the url to see what the code is for the original HTM doc?
I may be missing the point here but I suspect that the links created in Word are specific rather than relative i.e. the link to the next document would be C:\documents\002.htm where it should be (If they are in the same folder) 002.htm

Import all of the files into FP using the Import routine. Once you've imported all of these files into Frontpage then FP should allow you to amend all of the incorrect hyperlinks en block. On the tools menu choose recalculate hyperlinks. FP will then present you with the list of all hyperlinks that are invalid, rename the link and it'll change the reference in every page,

Apologies if I've gone off at a tangent (or I'm speaking bo**ocks)

You definitely need to import the pages into FrontPage if you want FrontPage to upload them for you.  Otherwise you would have to upload them seperately using FTP.

Any links outside the FrontPage web it considers as foreign links (as if it were on another website).  The only way to make files part of the FrontPage web is to import them.

Fortunately this is a simple process, although it will take awhile since you said you have 1000 documents.  The nice thing is that you can specify a folder to import and don't have to specify each individual file.  You can just select the folder the 1000 documents (and subfolders, if any) are in, and let it go on autopilot until all 1000 are imported.

When you are in FrontPage and have the desired web open, do the following:

Go to File on the menu bar

Click on Import... (if its visible, if its not visible, click on the double down arrow at the bottom of the menu to see all the choices.  Then click on Import.  See note below on how to get rid of this annoying "feature" of FrontPage 2000.)

The Import Dialog box will appear.  In your case, click on Add Folder... and then proceed to select the folder you want to import.  Everything (and I mean everything) in that folder will be imported.  In your case you should get a very very long list of items.  It will take awhile and you will be staring at an hour glass.  (I told it to import my entire Windows directory so it seems to hold up to the quantity of files you are trying to import.)  After a few minutes, it will come back with your list.  You can remove files from the list if desired.

Tell it to start importing.  No hour glass this time, but the hard drive sure has a lot of activity!  It's 3:23 now.  I'll tell you how long it takes to import the entire windows directory of windows 98 into a FrontPage web....  still going....  still going....  I'm hungry....  Think I'll go get some pizza... be back in a few....

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About the import I just tried, it choked on a system file, but I probably shouldn't have tried to import the windows directory anyway.  It did import 43 folders and 94 files totalling 3.8MB in less than 10 minutes on a Pentium 300 with 64MB RAM before chocking on a windows system file I tried to import.  So that should give you an indication of your import speed for your 1000 documents.

I imported other directories just fine.  Pretty fast at importing.  For example, 30 seconds for 7 folders and 105 files (6.9MB).

SIDENOTE OR BONUS ANSWER (depending on your perspective):

BTW, to get rid of that annoying "feature" in FrontPage 2000 where it hides parts of the menu bar that is "infrequently used" according to Microsoft, do this:

Go to Tool on the menu bar.
Click on Customize...
Click on the Options tab.
Uncheck the box that says "Menus show recently used commands first"
Click OK to save.

Now you will see the whole menus everytime!

alanmarshamAuthor Commented:
this seems to do the trick.
I have some broken links to the database which i have not uploaded but i think i will sort these out manually.
Many Thanks.
You're welcome.  :)  Glad I can help.  Scott
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