Win98 Hang/Lock Up

I've three networked PCs all running Win98.  Two of the three machines lock up when left for 3 hours or so/overnight.  They are networked using thin-net and cheap NICs.  I've tried moving the cards to different slots, and disabling advanced powermanagement and screensavers but to no avail.  Can anyone help before i lose all my hair!
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1cellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, if that's true, what if we remove the netware protocol from the one that works?  I might feel stupid in a little bit but why would you need netware on a peer to peer net?
Darren, this could be a long process, so be forewarned!

Of the three machines, let's look at the two that lockup compared to the one that doesn't. What's different?

1. Does it use a different NIC then the others.

2. Are the protocols being used different on that one machine?

3. Which of the three machines is the master browser for the network?

4. Are all three machines using Win98 (same version) and all have the same updates?

5. Are all three machines using screen savers or are you using power management to suspend the monitors and drives?

6. Pay particular attention as to what may be different between machines.

Let me know as much info as possible. Accuracy counts!
darrenmooreAuthor Commented:
Firstly thank you for your reply...

1.  They all have the same NIC's.
2.  They all have IP/TCP networking, although the one that works also has Netware protocols added.
3. Not sure which one is master browser (I think it is the one that works)

4. The machine that works is win98 first edition with plus pack, the other two - one is Win98 upgrade from win95 with Plus pack , the other is win98 second edition  

5.The all have identical power management (turned off in BIOS) and off in Win98.  I've tried with screensavers disabled/enabled)

6. The only difference is that the one that works has a password at login, the other two have blank passwords.  I have changed the other two so they have a password to log in to windows networking and hopefully (I'll post tomorrow) that will cure the problem. If not...
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It may just do that, as before it really wasn't a true network, and with that the two problem boxes may have been sending browse packets as masters since they would not really have been part of the same network.
<<Not sure which one is master browser (I think it is the one that works)>>

If this is a Novell network, this could be important.  See what happens if you install those protocols on the other systems.
I think it's peer-to-peer 1Cell!
darrenmooreAuthor Commented:
no you're right 1cell, about the netware thing - it was already installed and I didn't have the presence of mind to remove it.  It isn't needed in peer to peer

I'll do that tomorrow, it's out of hours in the UK now


I have a similar problem with my home network; the windows98 desktop machine hangs / freezes intermittendly.  My configuration :3  peer to peer networked pc's via a hub and utp-wire,
1 P166  - ASUS mb with win95-osr2
1pII-350 - Intel rc440bx mb with win98SE (the problem machine)
1 portable with win98SE
Both desktop machines have the same nic, a DLINK  pci-card.
The problem appeared after setting up the network (with the original win98 version at that time).  TCP/IP is the only protocol installed.
the problem seems to occur less often when all three pc's are connected and running.
I think the problem is somewhere in the protocol used by win98, but i can't see where. Mybe someone has an idea.
darrenmooreAuthor Commented:
It was a combination of all the factors but it seems like the extra protocols were messing things up.

Thanks a lot,

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