ICS for original Windows 98

Ok, I need ICS.  However, I have only the first release of Win98 which doesn't include it.  The MS web site states that only the second edition of Win98 includes ICS.  The web site also has a Windows 98 update that I can purchase (for $19.95 + $5.00 shipping), but it's description doesn't say anything about including ICS.  I am also told that I cannot install Windows98se upgrade on top of original Windows 98, since it's designed to upgrade only Win31 and Win95.  So, how do I get ICS for my original Win98 system (or does the "update" actually include ICS) ??
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hemorrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can get the internet connection sharing with software other than Win 98SE, however it also appears you have been getting some bad info.  Several months ago I purchased the upgrade CD from Microsoft for $19.95+.  It does include Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).  It requires that you already have Win 98 installed (which is the oposite of the info given you).  The CD from MS will not upgrade Win 3.1 or Win 95 to Win 98SE.  It will only upgrade an existing installation of Win 98.  I installed ICS and it has been working fine.  If all you want from the upgrade to Win 98 SE is the ICS there is other software available for free that can do the same thing, however keep in mind that the upgrade to SE also includes a number of bug fixes for Win 98.  You can download the Win 98 "service pack" with these bug fixes for free.
firehawkAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info.  I was wondering if that $19.95 update really did contain ICS.  According to you, it does.  I wish the MS web site would state that!!
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