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Splitting up a String with ~

I get a string with which looks like this "bla bla ~ bleh bleh ~ ha ha ha".
Now I have to split up this string into three other ones using the ~ as a delimeter. So that I have String1 = "bla bla" and String2 = "bleh bleh" and String3 = "ha ha ha". This is how my code look like : readURL url = new readURL();
String text = url.geturl();
then the String text looks like the example above. then I send this text with a line like this  : TCPSend send = new TCPSend();

But I have to split up the String text between these two operations So if the text contains three ~ then I will send three seperate messages with TCPSender.

1 Solution
Try the StringTokenizer

StringTokenizer st =
  new StringTokenizer(UrString, "~");

TCPSend send = new TCPSend();
while( st.hasMoreTokens() )
  String temp = st.nextToken();
// No cast necessary nextToken returns
// String and not an Object (as
// nextElement()
  send.sendString( temp );

Does this do the trick ?

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