Can VB5 multi task

I have developed a standared EXE program in VB5 which I need to run 8 times on my PC. Each session is communicating with a different Main Frame.

I would like to develop the program into one EXE which can communicate simaltanously whith each of the Main Frames.

I have tried Active X controls, but thay seem to still only perform one task at a time.
If I had a number copies of a ActiveX EXE in one project would they work independantly (Multi Tasking) or should I continue to execute 8 copies of my EXE.

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ActiveX.exe are out of process components, which means that each instance of it runs on its own thread of execution.  Whereas dlls run in process, ie they continue the same thread of execution as the calling program.  You could create a multithreaded ActiveX exe, which would require starting a new thread every time it started a new process.  There is code to do this in VB.  But it might be better to use the WIN API.
So, in effect you are talking about a lot of effort, and possibly crashing the processor.  Ask about multithreading to the experts.
yes -- through ActiveX Exe.

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ianfmurrayAuthor Commented:
Answer still leaves me with some work to do, but that's ok.
Thanks very much.
thanks for the points ianfmurray
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