windows update offline

How can one restore windows update files without being online.
Two scenerios:
1. I reintall windows 98. I have the update files already on disk. I'd like to save download time by reinstalling them from the disk files
2. My laptop has a hard time staying connected online, I'd just like to import the files from my desktop and upgrade from there.
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Here is a website you can download all of the updates without installing them, allowing you to save them on the hard drive and install them one at a time and still have a copy of the original for later repairs.

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You mention that you have these updates on disk, are you having any trouble installing them?
TomSchulteAuthor Commented:
No, installing works just fine.
I just want to do windows update offline if needed.
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Tom, that shouldn't be any problem at all. If you connect your laptop to another computer and create a share for it then you can leave the updates on the other pc or on a shared CD Rom drive and run them from there as well.
Are you referring to using the Windows Update feature offline, or installing Windows updates offline?  They are two seperate things.

The Windows Update _feature_ is an automated way of downloading and installing updates.  What it is actually doing is downloading the Windows Update files and executing them immediately upon download.  You access the Windows Update feature via your web browser and the internet.  It can't be used offline.  Reason: the whole purpose of the Windows Update feature is to 1) contact Microsoft, 2) download the latest updates, and 3) install them in an automated fashion.  Step 1 and 2 are not possible offline.

Installing Windows Updates offline(using the installation files), however, is possible.  If you already have the updates on disk, simply run the installation executable and it will install.  There is no need to use the web browser or Windows Update "feature" of Windows in that case since you already have the files.

No kidding Scott, really? If you read this entire thread, you will see the URL for the corporate download site from Microsoft. On that site are all of the windows updates available to corporate (and other) users for downloading and installation off-line!
Dennis: Read his question and the entire thread again.  When you asked him, he said he has no problem installing the updates from disk.  "Installing works just fine" was his exact quote.  If that is the case, why does he want to access Windows Update offline?  He exact words were "I just want to do windows update offline if needed."  He already has the updates and can install them.  In fact, he already installed them from what it sounds like.  "No, installing works just fine."  I was just questioning why he wants to "do windows update offline" if he already installed the updates he wants from disk.  Even though the updates were installed successful, that didn't answer his question completely.  Since "do windows update" can mean two things, I simply clarified it for people not in the know.

If I misinterpreted something, I am sorry.  But from the wording above, it sounds to me like Tom did what was prescribed and he still has questions.  
TomSchulteAuthor Commented:
It would be nice to understand how windows update determines what updates are already installed.  This is done through an active-x control but that's all  I really know. Anyone able to shed light on that?

I really ought to accept Celtic's answer now, but the discussion is awfully interesting.
Tom, this should hep with your understanding of the Windows Update tool.
TomSchulteAuthor Commented:
I guess I've milked the question long enough and will have to accept celtic's answer.
Too bad there isn't a way to split the points because dew associates certainly helped a lot
Thanks Tom!
If in the future you need to split points, please post a question in the community support topic area.  The link is at the bottom of the page.

We are discussing how to add a feature to split points but it will be awhile before we get it implemented.


See the question I posted to award you points for your contribution to this question.  I like to see cooperation among the experts.  Good job everyone.

Linda Gardner
Community Support @ Experts Exchange
Thanks Linda!
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