How to find bullets with VBA

I'm working on a macro in which I want to find all paragraphs with bullets. There are different kinds of bullets in the document, the user has used different list templates. The document in questions has bullets in 5 different levels, so I can't specify a certain indent.

Is there a way to find all bullets? I need to do this because the margin in the template upon which the document is based, has been changed. Although everything else (margins, headers etc) is being updated according to the new template, the paragraphs with bullets remain on the same place. I need to locate every bullet and change the left indent for each of those paragraphs. Unfortunately, I can't use the find and replace method, because it's impossible to search for bullets. Any suggestions, anyone?
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This should be what you are looking for...

Sub FindBullets()
  Dim p As Paragraph
  For Each p In ActiveDocument.Paragraphs
    If p.Range.ListFormat.ListType = wdListBullet Then
      MsgBox "Found a bullet!"
    End If
  Next p
End Sub

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anvaldemAuthor Commented:
Great! You saved me many hours! Thankyou.

// Anette, Orebro, Sweden

Thanks for the points. I'm glad that I could help you!

It's nice to meet a neighbour here... I see that you work with Office/VBA consulting. Are you self-employed or do you work for another company? Do you have too much to do? Perhaps we could cooperate and help each other?

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