Software as supplied by Mandrake will not compile kernel

I have installed, and reinstalled, and searched the rpm packages that have come with my Mandrake Deluxe Linux OS 6.5 for the main.o program.  No matter what I do, I cannot do a make zImage, or a make bzImage.  The error that comes up is:

cc1:Invalid Option 'preferred-stack-boundary=2'
make:  *** [init/main.o ] error 1

Can anyone give a clue here?  I would hate to have to bin the product!  

(and i feel i should not have to download a new kernel...What is the point of buying packaged software.  But if necessary, oh well)
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biardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a bug in that version of Mandrake.  You have to update to a newer kernel, preferably 2.2.13-7 or higher.

Sorry.  Mandrake can be kind of flaky. Maybe you would be interested in trying a more stable distribution like slackware. 

You can download the whole thing for free.  Or you can get the cd (and many others) for $2 or so from

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