email in lotus notes

We use Lotus notes 4.5 as mailserver. Notes is installed on an
WindowsNT server.
When we send mail from Outlook Express to Outlook
Express.  Notes always send an empty attachment
with the mail.  When we send mail with the Notes
client to another Notes client, we don't have
this attachment.
The mail is routered through SMTP.
We anybody know a solution for this problem ?
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crusher98Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Lotus uses Base64 uncoding by default. I think this set in the Server configuration Document. Outlook default MIMe encoding is NONE. This might be the problem.
It might also be that Outlook is sending email in HTML format which is not supported by Lotus 4.6

Please check your encoding scheme (of your emails and your attachements) (see in the SMTP section of the server document that acts as the SMTP gateway). It might have to do with that.

martinedAuthor Commented:
I only find the encoding scheme for attachments (in the server document).
Can I find the encoding scheme for emails in the same section ?
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