Netscape Navigator icon not getting dispalyed

My Domino Designer is not displaying Netscape Navigator's icon in the Preview Buttons region even though Netscape Navigator is installed on my system.

Any ideas?
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mchampouConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Designer "discovers" Netscape and IE by looking at the Registry on your system.

If you reinstall Netscape over the one you have currently installed, it will probably fix your problem.

satyaprakashAuthor Commented:
Hi mchampou,

I accept your comment as answer.

I had installed Netscape v4.6 over the existing one (v4.5).  Now I can see the icon.  I think the earlier version of Netscape in my m/c was not registered properly in the Registry.
Alright ! I'm glad I could help :-)

I'm not sure but I don't think I need to repost my answer ... I think you have a "Accept this comment as an answer" right next to my comment above ... if not then, I'll repost my comment as an answer.

Thanks !


satyaprakashAuthor Commented:
oops, sorry mchampou... I overlooked that link.  Here is your 50 points!
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