Delay During Login

In Windows 98, after the Netware login window has been displayed, there is usually a 10 second period where the PC freeze (i.e. the cursor stops blinking).  It always unfreeze (i.e. the cursor begins blinking again).

I would have assumed this to be network related, however, it does this very same thing on my home PC (no NIC) when the Windows login is displayed.

Does anyone know what causes this, and how to fix it?

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Greg, I'm not sure whether you're asking this question as it pertains to your work PC, the one at home or both. But understand if for both that they but be handled separately as there are different issues involved.

The one at work is probably either protocols being bound to the network card that do not have to be, or that the network validation of the password is taking longer than is should.

As for the one at home, this could be for a number of reasons, user profiles, settings, what is being loaded, driver problems etc.

Where do you want to start, home or work?
greg1111Author Commented:
Well, I don't believe the issues to be different.  

First of all, the delay is identical in legnth on both PCs.  Second, the delay occurs at the same point in the boot process.  The first two points alone would seem to indicate that the same thing is causing the delay on both.  Finally, the protocols that are bound to my work PC's NIC, are the protocols that I need.

As for what is being loaded, I have run MSCONFIG on both PCs and nothing out of the usual is being run on either.

Grag, believe as you like, I'm only here to help, and if you don't begin examining the possibilites and provide info, then we are both only guessing. You say that the delay occurs at the same point on both PC,s. Okay, so where would that be?
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greg1111Author Commented:
It's not a matter of "believing as I like."  

Based on your initial response, it appeared to me, that either because you didn't understand my question, or because I wasn't clear enough explaining my question, you started off looking in a direction that would seems to me to be incorrect.

As I said in my original question, the delay occurs when the login screen appears (Netware login screen at work, Windows login screen at home).  The delay lasts for the same amount of time (ten seconds).  

I am unsure what additional information you are looking for.  

If you are confident in your assumption that these are two completely different problems, who similarities are merely coincidence, we can begin my troubleshooting the work PC.
Do you have any programs in common to the two machines? In particular, anything loading in the startup folder on both. That's the only thing I can think of that would cause an identical pause - if you had the identical program on both PCs. The fact that it pauses near the network logon would suggest something network related, but it may be a coincidence. As for the information needed, give us the specs of the machine (memory, chip, any unusual hardware or software, etc)
Check what network protocols are in use, and ensure that you are only using the ones you want.  
Actually Greg, the only similarity between the two boxes is the login window, thats it!

As for the box at work, I don't know how often you check things in this box, so I start from square one so as not to miss anything. What I would like is for you to do three things.

1. Verify that the only network protocols that are being loaded are the ones absolutely necessary for login to the Novell network.

2. Next, boot the box into safemode and then go into device manager. Expand each area and look for multiple entries. If there are any multiples, remove all, don't leave any behind and then reinstall that device.

3. Now, boot the system into the bootmenu and choose to use the bootlog.txt. But in addition, I want you to note the time started and then when the actual login completes. We'll look for failures, but also we will try and locate what may be occurring in that time window from when the password is entered until the desktop appears.

Let me know what you find.
greg1111Author Commented:

Work PC - Gateway PII-450 128 MEG

Home PC - Dell PIII-450 128 MEG

Neither PC have a single entry in the Start Up folder.

Work PC - TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBIOS Support for IPX/SPX-compatable Protocol.

Home PC - TCP/IP

There are no programs in common.


The protocols that I am using are listed above.  I need all of them.


The other similairty is that the legnth of the delay is identical on both machines.

1. All the protocols (listed above) are necessary.

2. Booted into Safe Mode - no duplicate devices exist in Device MAnager (Work PC)

3. I did not find anything that "looked" helpful in the bootlog.txt.

Okay, when you boot into the network:

Are there any administrative scripts running?

Are you logging into a single share or multiples?

Are you using both a Windows logon as well as a Novell password script?
greg1111Author Commented:
I have discovered the problem.

The Network Associates Management Agent, that loads up from my system's registry, is causing the delay.  I will contact McAfee for possible work-arounds.

I appreciate everyone taking a crack at it.

greg1111Author Commented:
It turns out this is a known issue.

Work Around - remove the NAI Man. Agent from the entry via MSCONFIG.  Create a shortcut to the EXE in the StartUp Folder.

Greg, how about I arrange for E&E to preserve this Q&A and refund your points. This will then retain this info for others to use.
greg1111Author Commented:
That would be fine.

Okay, I'll pass the request through.

I am answering this question so it can be saved as a PAQ.

I have refunded the points for this question.

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