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I have a Windows NT network (a single domain comprised of winNT workstations and servers). I have now installed Red Hat Linux on one of the machines successfully, and able to get files using ftp from nt network.
I need to know how can one copy files/directories from a linux machine to a windows and vice versa, and how do the linux and NT security interact?
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NT uses encrypted passwords.  Linux by default uses plain text passwords.  If you want to see the Linux machine as a network node in Network Neighnborhood and be able to access files and folders as such, you will need to configure SAMBA.  It handles the tcp/ip networking between windows 9x/nt and Linux.  There is only one config file /etc/smb.conf which must be set up.  Or you can run linuxconf from the shell prompt.  There is a section on SAMBA.  The main thing is setting up user accounts on the linux machine to match (user name and password) the NT logins.  This way, when a user logs in to their machine, they will have access to their folders on the linux machine.  There is a great deal of info on SAMBA, and it has a mass of optios available.  See the following link for setup instructions.

Just to clarify, Linux and Windows networks don't "talk the same language". Samba is the piece of software that bridges that gap. In addition to the comments from biard, I would like to comment on the security interaction. Samba 2.x.x has made alot of progress in the area of working with NT domains. Samba can actually JOIN the NT domain now, eliminating the need to duplicate NT logons on the Linux box. It is even possible for Samba to act as the Primary Domain Controller. What all this means is that your Samba-enabled Linux box can be a fully functioning member of the NT domain, including security packets. When connecting to an NT resource, Samba can pass your NT username and password. When acting as a server, Samba can authenticate users from the Primary Domain Controller.
USe SAMBA on the Linux system to share file and printing to the windows machines.

You can also mount windows shares using the smb file system built into linux do a man smbmount and smbclient

I'll also include directions on configuring SAMBA with SWAT the SAMBA web configuration tool. This will let you configure SAMBA to use encrypted passwords if need be.

Anyway here is how to use it. When I say to edit a file use your favorite
text editor.

1) become root
2) cd /etc
3) Edit the inetd.conf file
4) find the line:

swat      stream  tcp     nowait.400      root /usr/sbin/swat swat

(note the above line is contained wholly on a single line). It may have a # in front of it. If it does remove the #, if the line is not there copy it exactly as I have it into the file. Save and exit the file.

5) edit the services file, find the line (usally the last line in the file):

swat              901/tcp                         # Add swat service used via inetd

(note the above line is contained wholly on a single line). If the line has a # in front of it remove the #, if the line does not exist add it exactly as above. Save and exit the file.

6) At a root promp type

# /etc/rc.d/init.d/inet stop <CR>
# /etc/rc.d/init.d/inet start <CR>

7) Start X running if it is not already and start netscape
8) go to the following URL: http://localhost:901

You will be presented with a password prompt enter root and the root password. (Only do this from the from the machine you are configuring because you are using the root password)

Now you will be at a menu prompt from which you can configure SAMBA. The first page is help files which explain the usage of SAMBA across the top there are 7 icons:

You are on the HOME page, click on GLOBALS. Here you can set the workgroup SAMBA will show up in, the machines netbios name, server string and other items. Most important is the Security options. If you network is using encrypted passwords on windows (Win 98 and Nt do by default, Win 95 does if you have added SP3 I think) make sure to set the encrypted passwords to yes. You can read the help files for the rest of the of this page. Commit the changes before leaving this page.

The Shares icon will let you share out sections of the filesystem as desired. Also commit changes before leaving this page.

If you selected encrypted passwords go to the status icon and restart both smbd and nmbd. Now go to the password Icon and using the server password Management area enter your user name and password, do this for each user on the box. SAMBA will make encrypted passwords when you do this.

At this point all should be well and you should be able to get a share mounted from windows.

Good Luck

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karouriAuthor Commented:
A good answer,them.
Thanks also biard and malaki
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