How can I retreive what size a font supports?
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korkyAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
i am not understanding you.. but try something like this?

control.fontsize = 12

label1.Font = "Times New Roman"
label1.FontSize = 10
i meant control = text1, label1, etc.
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korkyAuthor Commented:
What I mean is:
When I, for exemple in WordPad want to change the fontsize of a selected word, I am proposed a list of available size. System has only one size: 10 when Times New Roman has from 8 to 72...
What I am lookink for is a way to get that list.
try to give you a comment.

get any control from the toolbox on the form. click one time on that control so it brings the property window. click on the font. you will see the list of the fontsize.
korkyAuthor Commented:
You still don't get it I want to get the list to show it to my users so they can format their text in a rich edit control.
oh ok.. i am sorry for misunderstanding your problem. any comments/suggestions for korky.

all the best.
Most Fonts are True-Type fonts. Basically it means that they are scaleable. So any size is OK within the range up to 2160. A practical limit is 8 to 72 points like Word or Excel. You can use the TextWidth function to see what sizes will cause a change in the width of the text. There may be some differences based on the object (Picture1, Screen or Printer).

    Dim I As Integer
    For I = 0 To Screen.FontCount - 1
        Picture1.Font = Screen.Fonts(I)
        Debug.Print Picture1.Font, Picture1.FontSize
        z = Picture1.TextWidth("X")
        For x = 7 To 72
            Picture1.FontSize = x
            If Picture1.TextWidth("X") <> z Then
                Debug.Print Picture1.FontSize
                z = Picture1.TextWidth("X")
            End If
        Next x
    Next I
korkyAuthor Commented:
That's not really what I'm looking for... But thanks for your time.
I know the list exists but don't know how to make it work...
Tell me more about this list?
korkyAuthor Commented:
Take a look at wordpad:
- Write Something
- Select it
- Change the font to system
- And take a look at the font size combo...
The only proposed size is 10. On the other hand if you had chosen Times New Roman you would have found list from 8 to 72 font size combo.
That list is what I am looking for.
Hi! This(the program below) is not very practical...but you can modify it.
I display the list of font size in a text box(text1) with multiline=true. You can change
this into combo box or whatever you want.

Dim info(100) As Integer
lfcr = Chr(13) + Chr(10)

Text1.Font.size = 1
info(0) = Text1.Font.size
For i = 2 To 100 Step 1
    Text1.Font.size = i
    info(i) = Text1.Font.size
    If info(i) <> info(i - 1) Then
        size = size + Str(info(i)) + lfcr
    End If
Text1.Font.size = 1
Text1.Text = size

End Sub

There's a function to Enum Fonts.
korkyAuthor Commented:
This was very nice but not really what I was looking for...
For "system" I get:
While all I should get should be: 10

The System font (Bit Mapped) can be Scaled. Note the relation:
 20 X2
 29 ~X3
 39 ~X4
 49 ~X5
 58 ~X6
 68 ~X7
 78 ~X8

I've noticed that a font dialog for System font will show only one choice for 10 but will allow you to enter other values and attempt to scale to that size. It will change to the nearest size that it can scale.

So, for non true-type (FontType = TRUETYPE_FONTTYPE) only use the smallest size number. You may still want to allow the user to enter other values.


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