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Is there an 'Object Where Used' Add-In/Function?

I have been looking for an add-in or some other kind of function that identifies where an object is used; e.g. if table 'Employee' is specified it would return every Query, Form, Report, Macro, or Module where it is being used.  I have actually started to write one, and realized there are a lot of things that need to be considered.  I wondered if something of the sort exists and where to get it if it does.  I would also welcome coments on how valuable this type of thing would be - maybe it is worth me taking the time and finishing what I have started to write.
1 Solution
I have been to a site that offers a Find and Replace utility for Access objects. I used it briefly with some success. I can identify with the frustration when wanting to change or delete an object and wondering, "what might this impact?"

I believe you can get a trial version of but the registered version  is under $40. You can find it at...
GJeppsonAuthor Commented:
I appreciate the info about the download file.  I have downloaded and looked briefly at it.

I was a bit more interested in a system that shows the relationships not just of tables to other objects, but all objects in the database in a tree-like structure.  This can be helpful in designing changes/revisions that need to be done in the database.

I welcome any further comments on other such 'Where Use' systems that identify where all an object is used in an Access database.

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