CPU Load for each process.

How can I check CPU time used by each process?

In other words, How can I check which process is the first
one to use the CPU,  and which is second one.
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ps -l will show you the actual CPU time used by a process (TIME) and the priority (NI [nice]) columns;

Which process gets the CPU first depends on the type of job plus the "nice" value under solaris - man  priocntl will tell you more, but if all priorities are equal the processes will get equal CPU time.
Try this out

ps aux |sed '1s/%/:/' |sort -r +2 |\
sed '1s/:/%/' |more
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PhoebeAuthor Commented:
when I click in the command. I was told

bidwelluat% ps aux | sed 'ls/%/:/' | sort -r +2 |\
sed 'ls/:/%/' | more
usage: ps [ -aAdeflcjLPy ] [ -o format ] [ -t termlist ]
        [ -u userlist ] [ -U userlist ] [ -G grouplist ]
        [ -p proclist ] [ -g pgrplist ] [ -s sidlist ]
  'format' is one or more of:
        user ruser group rgroup uid ruid gid rgid pid ppid pgid sid
        pri opri pcpu pmem vsz rss osz nice class time etime stime
        f s c lwp nlwp psr tty addr wchan fname comm args

Sorry I forgot telling you that I working on Solaris 2.6
The equivalent in Solaris to would be
ps -e -o user,pid,pcpu,vsz,time,comm |sort -r +2

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good for you tfewster
I guess there isn't much interpolation.
PhoebeAuthor Commented:

!!! GREAT !!!
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