Creating a Treeview Report Page using FP 2000

Hello folks!!
I would like to know if it is possible to create a web page using the DHTML / new features of FP2000 that has for example the name of employee in the frist level and his (or her) data in other level.

  + Employee 1
  + Employee 2

When click in the "+" ...
  - Employee 1
     Birthdate  -  ...
  + Employee 2

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Tina ClarkeCommented:
Go to your Help button in Frontpage click on Microsoft Frontpage help in the answer wizard type in
Create a collapsible list

and the answer is there...very easy to do.

if anyone wants the fp98 solutions look at

regards Tina Clarke

mrxzAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
care to use asp?
coz i can send you a working code that dows it!
mrxzAuthor Commented:

I don´t care... Is it supported by FP 2000 (I mean it is easy to be modified in this softwares) if it not, just say where can I do it.

If anyone has other solution it is wellcome.
my e-mail is


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