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I have a AMD 333 K2 prossesor with 64 mg of mem. My computer at times will not keep up with the time, at times when I drag the mouse the cursor will not move right away and when it does it will be choppy. When typing in a Word doc the letters will come out slower then I am typing. ( I am not that fast). When I reboot the problem will clear up but always seems to come back. I defrag but that only helps for a couple of days.

Please help.
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BigMarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try disabling Norton Anti Virus for a short time and try your system out (I've had a few dramas with NAV).

You could also try looking in your task list for OSA (Office Startup), FindFast and loadwc - all of these can cuase the problems you are having, and none of them are necessary.

OSA and Findfast run from the startup group - I usually delete these and find that PC's run heaps better without them (half the time they've hung anyway)!
To kill loadwc you will need to run regedit, search for loadwc and delete all lines that mtnetion it - I've never had a problem with this and again the systems seem to run better without it.

Failing all of the above try the video driver - is it the most current, or try standard VGA for a short time.

Good Luck

Not nearly enough detail in your question.

What browser do you use?
Do you regularly open and close multiple browser windows?
How many processes are running in your system tray and what are they?
What other application software do you run regularly?

Some apps have a tendency to eat away resources when they are opened and closed multiple times, i.e. they leak.  If you look for the answers to these questions you may find the solution to your problem on your own.

Wishing you success,
chilipalmerAuthor Commented:
Platform windows 98, commonly use Office 97. IE 5.0. In and out of the internet checking e-mail with outlook express. Also some educational computer games for the kids.


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Do have any programs running in the backround? eg task scheduler or find fast.If you do, disable them and reeboot. I have found this to work in the past.
GO to System properties and click the performance tab check your resources to make sure they are not getting low as you work. The more programs you run in the background EX virus scans crash guards etc the more resoures they use.
Also click virtual memory button and check to see if it is set for windows to handle its size.
If it is set manually it should be set to a min. of twice you installed Ram
May help
Good Luck
I have seen the slow problem in Word when the boot sector is infected with the Form virus (or some variant).
how much free space is on your C: drive?
chilipalmerAuthor Commented:
I would like to thank everyone for helping me with this problem.
I have only used 50% of an 8 meg drive. I do have norton virus running in the background. No task scheduler, don't know about find fast.

Virtual mem set automatically by windows.

Thanks, Tom
I think that BigMark has hit the nail on the head. Well done!
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