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I have been trying to download Red Hat Linux to try it out, but i can't find the EXACT download site; if i follow the links they provide, I always end up with a 100kb file that i can't run
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themConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Redhat sit is always very busy, so the best idea is to use a mirror. You can get a list of mirrors at:

Just purchase a CD from someplace like if you are not on a BIG PIPE like a T1. It will take days to install Linux via a slow modem.

So assuming that you have a big pipe to download over (remember you are going to download a LOT of data) go to the URL:

In there you will find several directories, you are concerned with 1 of them:
1) images

and if you are running a dos or windows machine you will be concerned with a 2nd one:

2) dosutils

So the steps are assuming a dos/windows machine:
1) download all of the files in the images directory that end in .img
2) download the rawrite.exe and the rawrite3.doc files from the dosutils directory.
3: Get 3 blank 3.5" formatted floppies.
4: read the rawrite3.doc file until you understand it, then use the the rawrite.exe file to move the .img files onto the blank floppies. You MUST use the rawrite.exe tool to do this the dos copy command will NOT work. Label the disks with the name of the img file you installed on it.
5: before going any further you will need some empty space on your hard disk or you will need another empty hard disk. A small linux installation can take less then 100 Megs but typically since there is lots of software that comes with the a linux distribution you will need around 2 gigs of space. Make sure you the the required space before going any further.
6:  boot your computer with the floppy disk that you put the boot.img file on. It will ask you some questions, answer them and it will ask you to install either the bootnet or the pcmcia floppy.
7: Your off and running. If you are on a T1 or faster connection it will take 3 to 4 hours (or more) depending on what you choose to install and how good the connection is. If you are on a modem expect 3 to 4 days.
Do you have a cdrecorder?  If so, download from the following link and Record it to a cd.  Make sure you do it by extracting from disk image (iso). 642MB

timdesomere011800Author Commented:
Thanks, i downloaded it, and followed the instructions; copied the 3 files to floppies using rawrite, and rebooted my machine using the disk I copied "boot.img" onto, but a message came up that the PC couldn't reboot from that disk.
Have you had this before?
Yep I have, try another floppy and write the floppy again, infact do it several times. The Rawrite program does not do error checking so it could have gotten some bad bits.

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