Websphere, JSP not refreshing.

I am using Websphere 2 and I call a particular jsp which extends aServlet. This works fine until I add a bit of code to aServlet that causes an error. Fine, the error is reported. Then when I change it back it still reports the error. How do I get the jsp to recompile the servlet it extends when the servlet is modified.
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I think you must shut down the servlet runner  + JSP Engine
run them again and then call the jsp page again from the browser so the servlet runner will recompile the page..



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JSP pages are recompiled when you change them (JSP engine checks only the file dates) - so you have to make some changes to the JSP page (or at least save it again) - and Websphere server SHOULD recompile it.

moses123: please POST COMMENTS, instead of ANSWERS, your comment will be accepted as answer if it works.
OK heyhey COMMENTS it will be

but i am on sure if your solution will work

sl311 let as know !!

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I'm not sure if it will work too.
it SHOULD, but it MAY NOT :)

that's why I don't post my suggetsions as comments :)
sl311Author Commented:
I don't want to have to restart the servlet engine anytime I make a change. I want it to automatically recompile any time I make a change. I know it should recompile after any change but it does not - or at least it does if the page compiles properly but as soon as an error occurs, resetting it back to the working code does not get rid of the error. My thoughts are that it is due to a setting on Websphere that I have got wrong - what for example is the reloadable classpath compared to the normal one - has that got anything to do with it ?
what happens if you make some modification and save the .jsp page again ? Websphere server SHOULD recompile it.

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