outlook and favorites synchronization

I have been trying to keep my email folders and my email messages synchronized between my home computer and my work computer. If I copy all the folders and files within the paths:
windows\application data\*.*
windows\local settings\*.*     and
from my work computer to my home computer, it still leaves the ones on my home computer the same as they were before. It doesn't make them match as I expected.
I was hoping to use the Briefcase method but don't understand how this can be used since the locations of some of the files that are to be synchronized are in different "identities" folders.
How can I do this?
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kind4meConnect With a Mentor Commented:
crate a ost put it on a disk or email to yourself. open it on your home computer and map your home computer to it.  

to create an ost

tools-> services-> microsoft exchange server-> advanced tab-> offline folder settings-> DISABLE OFFLINE USE-> back into offline folder settings (now you can change the location and name of the ost)-> make sure the box on the advanced settings for enable on line use is ticked on.  press ok

go to tools-> options-> mail services tab.

make sure enable offline use is ticked on.

now you said that you have other folders as well as the ones that outlook gives to you.  on the folder view right click the folder and go to the synconization tab and tick "make this folder avaible offline"

hope this helps

as always
Mr. Happy
BobArnettAuthor Commented:
In the menu in Outlook, I find no menu items as you described. I did a search in the Help menu for "Microsoft Exchange" which came up with nothing.

In the meantime I did discover that I am evidently using two different programs. I have Outlook 2000 ( on my work computer and Outlook Express (5.00.2615.200)on my home computer.

I am now thinking that perhaps this is (part of??) my problem and that I should uninstall one of them and install the same program on both computers. Does this seem reasonable? Since I only use Outlook for email, I am leaning toward Outlook Express as the one I should use?
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