Utobia DVD ROM Problem

I installed a Pioneer (Utobia 114) DVD ROM drive on a Windows 95 system. At first it seemed to be ok, but then when I got about 5 minutes into a movie it started playing jerky and finally froze up.  The documentation suggested a change to DMA on the CD player.  I tried this but wound up unable to restart the system except in Safe Mode where I couldn't reset the CD ROM's parameters because it didn't exist in Safe mode.

I wound up reinstalling the operating system and starting over. Now the DVD ROM plays music CD ROM's and is fine for data CD's, but when I load a DVD Movie and attempt to run the Utobia player, the movie(s) won't play (the VGA goes blank).  The movies seem to be paused and/or stuck.  The utility to set the region code lets me change to region 1, etc. but other than that, the player doesn't function.  

Utobia's tech felt that the problem was that I hadn't downloaded all of the proper drivers for my motherboard, but when I did this it had no apparent affect.

What do you suggest?
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sounds like you need to upgrade your video card to 1 that supports a dvd player + upgrading to win98 wont hurt  if your comp has onboard video  you will have to disable it in setup inorder to install new card
edrosenbergAuthor Commented:
On my original install of the DVD ROM, the monitor displayed the movie perfectly, as did the output to the TV from the decoder card that came with the DVD ROM.  On the second install, both the monitor and the TV Screen blanked out when a movie seemed to be starting. (The software allows you to switch between the two with the tab key.)  Also, the TV output comes from the decoder card that came with the drive kit, not from the VGA connection. The VGA to decoder card is handled with a patch cord that takes the video output and puts it into the decoder card.  When the movie is stopped, the video goes back to normal.  Also, the video card is a reasonably good (although about a year old version) PCI card that is pretty standard in all aspects.
edrosenbergAuthor Commented:
This morning I reloaded all of the original Windows 95 version IDE drivers that came with the motherboard (from CD) and restarted.  This solved the problem.  I'd like to withdraw the problem. Thanks.
This a more of a work around then an acual fix but untill i get a fix for you this may due (although you can award points to a comment hint hint), here is a little Registry hack which allows you to play your DVD movies using the ol' Media Player tool, included free with Windows 9x, and located in C:\Windows (filename Mplayer.exe).
To do this, run Regedit and go to:

Right-click in the right hand pane -> select New -> String Value -> name it EnableDVDUI. Double-click on it -> type yes in the Value data box -> click OK.
Close the Registry Editor and restart Windows when done.
From now on you can open Media Player -> click File -> Open -> select DVD -> finally hit the Play button.

UPDATE: "This is true, you do get a DVD player, but it's very restricted. The DVD is totally hardware oriented, not software bound like PowerDVD or Cinemaster."
This update courtesy of Andreas Rosén (disobay@telia.com).


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edrosenbergAuthor Commented:
I haven't tried it, but it sounds feasible and is a nice tip.
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