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I am creating a web site using Front Page and the Corporate Presence in Wizard and just want to change the Header portion on the Home Page and keep a different header for all other pages.  Any time I change either the Home Page Header or another Page header all the headers on the web change.

Your suggestions are welcomed.
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MandakaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

     Your problem deals with Front Page's "Shared Borders".  What this does, is let you standardize several elements for all your webpages for a specific site.  The borders are broken down to Top, Left, Right, and Bottom.  Anything inside a "Shared Border" is loaded on all pages with this specific border selected.  If you make changes in the border on one page (any that has it), the change shows up on all the other pages using that border.

     These do tend to be rather handy, IF your wanting these segments to be the SAME.  I personally like using the bottom shared border for copyright and contact information that NEEDS to be the same on subsequent pages.

     So you have three choices.  One is to use the shared borders and have similar elements on all your pages (yes, you can include your own graphic elements and they do show on subsequent pages); two, use shared borders on some of your pages, and turn them off on others (will get to that more in a sec).  And finally three, don't use them at all.

     If you want to turn off shared borders on a specific page, the way I do it (there are others) is to right click on the page, go to "Shared Borders" and deselect the specific border you don't want.  Be careful, you can turn off a border element for the entire web from here.  Make sure you select either "This page" or the "Entire Web" when shutting off borders.

     But the bottom line is that "Shared Borders" were developed as a tool for pages that all have similar elements, letting you make one change that effects the site completely.  If not, you have to make the specific change manually on each and every page.

Nice little time saver when you figure out how to use it successfully.

Hope that helps,

ruskavAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answer....that helps
Chris Raisin(Retired Analyst/Programmer)Commented:
Place your Home page in a subdirectory by itself and copy it's own "left.htm" file (a copy of the one held in the "_borders" sibdirectory) into that subdirectory. Rename your Home page to something like "Index2.html" and then create an "index.html" page in your root directory which simply redirectes to the new home page. That way you can have a seoerate left border to all other pages (which take their border from the "commom" _borders subdirectory.

This applies to all pages which search in their current directory for the border but go to "_borders" only if the border file(s) are not found there.
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