Win2K can't find Boot Record

 I have 2 operating systems installed:  windows98se and windows2000 pro build 2195 [I think it's 2195..I know it's either RC3 or the release-to-manufacturer version].  While I was doing my normal routine in win2k [checking mail, irc, gaming, etc.], my pc suddenly shut off and started to boot up again as if the power strip had come out of the wall for a split second [even though I'm sure it hadn't].  Upon trying to reboot after the shutoff, my pc would again shutoff w/o notice when I made the selection to boot into win2k instead of win98.
  Since I made the mistake of using NTFS instead of FAT32 when I installed win2k, I can't try to see what the problem is in the files win2k uses.  In attempt to convert the NTFS partition to FAT32 using partition magic 5, the program stopped responding in the middle of one of the operations I had assigned it and I had to restart the computer.  I tried to re-run the NTFS-to-FAT32 conversion process only for partition magic to return many errors and tell me that it couldn't run the process.  I rebooted and tried booting into win2k, this time getting the message that had the same effect of "Windows 2000 could not find the boot record".  My win98 installation is on my c drive, which is its own hard drive [4.3GB - FAT32].  My win2k installation is on my h drive [NTFS], which is a partition of a seperate hard drive [20.4 GB to be exact].  Please respond ASAP -- my entire family relies on this PC!  :)

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Please run chkdsk on the C drive and on the H drive.

PuppetLordAuthor Commented:
hey Lermitte..can't run chkdsk on the H drive cuz it's NTFS -- chkdsk doesn't even recognize the partition.
1. can you access the partition via the F8 boot options menu ?

2. win2000 is in a separate drive ?
   try using that drive as the only drive in your system (not as secondary)
Does that work ?

3. Does partition magic support the NTFS version Win2000 uses ?
It's different from the NT4 NTFS !!
By using partition magic - it's possible that you corrupted the partition

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Check if there is notting hardware that's not working. Check the cables. Can you see the drive in your Bios and when you boot?

When you boot to Win98 can you see the HD where W2K is?
Use MSinfo.exe to see if you can see this drive.

Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
Try using the Recovery Console option.  Boot from the cd or use the 4 NT boot disks and pick the repair option that lists Recovery Console.  You should be able to restore the boot files, although, with an aborted NTFS to FAT32, that doesn't sound good....
I don't know if this will be of any help but there is a utility to read NTFS partitions from Win98 at the URL below.  The free version provides read-only access but you may be able to at least see whether you still have a valid NTFS partition after the aborted conversion.

Good luck!

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