Compiling 2.3.39

Hopefully this isn't to tough...

I am trying to compile 2.3.39 (latest development kernel), I updated all my libraries to/or above the required levels.  I did a make xconfig and set my configuration.  I then followed that up with a make dep and finally a make bzImage, which fails with the following error:

init/main.c:O:malformed option '-D __pentiumpro__-D__pentiumpro'

This occured within seconds of pressing enter -- I don't believe this is normal.  Could anyone give me a hint on what went wrong?  Thanks NASA

BTW:  my system is based off of Redhat 6.0 and I am using egcs-2.96.66 for a compiler.
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didierConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There should probably be a space between the two defines

as in : '-D __pentiumpro__ -D__pentiumpro'

Now as to why this is messed up, I'm not sure.

Could be that your config puts the build in a mode which
uncovers a bug in the makefiles (it's a development kernel
after all).

Try to reset the config to default and build a kernel this
way just to validate that theory.

If it works it's likely that the makefiles have a bug.

nasaAuthor Commented:
As you mentioned, there does seem to be a problem with the makefiles.  I have seen a couple of other people mention similar problems.  Thanks

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