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I have recently aquired a T1 line and I need to setup a DNS and E-mail server.  I have figurd out the e-mail but I am still having problems with the DNS.  I am using red hat 6.1.

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To setup DNS, I suggest starting with the linux DNS-Howto. You need also to give information on what kind of DNS setup you are looking for and what you want it to achieve.

Try webmin (http://www.webmin.com) it have module to setup DNS (bind4 or bind8).
Also, if you're going to be using a rh6.1 machine on the net, you'll want to start hardening it as best you can.  Look at http://www.linuxdoc.org/ for the linux Security howto (you'll also find the DNS-howto there).

Good Luck!
The best DNS refernce amterial I have found so far is the Red Hat Linux 6 Server by Mohammed J. Kabir ISNB 0-7645-3337-1. IT covers everthing from setup to round robin DNS.
Your ISP canbe a big help with this. After all if you mess something up they feel the impact so it is in there best interest to give you a hand.
I have seen this problem in the past, it is caused by a poor
DNS setup, make shure that DNS lookup and reverse lookup is properly configured on the server side, and your resolv.conf file contains the DNS server name. On the server side check
the files /etc/named.conf, and files in /var/named , these files are for lookups.

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