Kernel Hangs with dual SCSI Controller System

I'm installing Redhat 6.1 on a DELL Precision 410 w/two SCSI controllers: AIC7890 connected to 2 ultrawide drives, AIC7880 connected to a NEC CD-ROM. The installer hangs/panics when loading the AIX78XX module.
I've disabled SCAM plug n' play in the BIOS, disabled DOS address remapping in the BIOS, and finally tried passing in the aic7xxx=no_probe option in expert mode.
RedHat claims multiple SCSI controllers are not supported. Hmm. Dell says buy our $8,000 "server" (same machine + linux).
Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Are you able to modify the host adapters' address ranges in the'r respective bios'?
I found this link about setting up 5.2 on the 410, maybe it will help

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Read the SCSi-howto. There is a paragraph in it telling you howto give bootprompt statement from lilo to the kernel, giving it information on where to find and howto access youre controllers. Succes
bcreaneAuthor Commented:
The website contained the exact resources I needed to make significant progress on running Redhat 6.1 on the Dell box. Hopefully soon will be booting completely (video card confused 6.1 right now). Thanks for all your comments.
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