How do I network two home computers with Win98 SE on one and Win98 on the other. Have cards and cable in place.
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
<<Have cards and cable in place.>> What are those cards and cable?    pslh
rhody2Author Commented:
Ethernet cards and 10t cable. Each computer will see itself in the workgroup but not the other. Diagnostics on cards fine. Will talk to each other outside windows.
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
rhody2,<<Will talk to each other outside windows.>> Really? Enjoying your humour!

Suggest inspecting in the control panel, network icon: -
(1) Logon as Client for Microsoft Network.
(2) There is the protocol
      TCP/IP -> Ethernet cards
      There is “File and printer sharing Compatible” service added.
      In [File and Print Sharing] button, checked the sharing boxes.    
(3) Workgroup with the same name and in shared-level control Access.

Next, go to the computer and select the drives to be shared with and drag down File-Sharing. A giving hand will be added to the drives.

Restart the computer and logon with user name and password.
Go to My computer, expand the networking, see if you can see the other network Pc name and shared drives.

If both of your computers have already configured like that, you may go to the computer of Win98SE. Completely remove all the components of networking in control panel, networking in safe mode. Restart the computer again. Reinstall the network components again with your Win98SE cdrom in the cdrom.

See any improvement.    pslh
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I have found TCP/IP difficult to work with on Win 98 to Win 98 networked systems.  If pslh's suggestion doesn't work, install the NetBEUI protocol and follow the steps outlined for TCP/IP but apply them to the NetBEUI protocol.  You will be networked in minutes.
Silly question, the cable, are you using a HUB? If you're not using a HUB, are you using a cross-over cable?
If you're not using a HUB and not using a cross-over cable, the PC's wont connect ( 'cept if you're using old BNC cable(( terminators and T-pieces))

If your cabling is indeed correct, then pslh's comment is definately the way to go. There are some other issues to look at as well though. If you have PCi network cards, you shouldn't have to bother with irq's and I/O's, you can restart your PC's and press F8 at start-up and select command prompt only. Then use the dos-setup application that came with the network card on both PC's to run a communications diagnostic. NB! If you can't get the NIC's to see each other with this setup utility, you will never get them to see each other in windows...

If you have ISA network cards, there could be some complications. You will definately need to use the dos-setup utility, in the configuration section, you will be able to see what the card's current EEPROM irq and I/O is, write it down, then go to windows and make sure that the windows settings are the same. If you get a clash after changeing , you can change the EEPROM to match those that windows allocated to the card.  
Serge PelletierIT ManagerCommented:
What are  the ip adresses and mask?
you could use (1 to 250)
and subnet
The 2 computers should not have the same ip #, per example and the other would work fine.  Keep the same subnet for both.

This way, they will be on the same network...

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rhody2Author Commented:
Here are the listed items in the network screen of control panel:
client for MS networks
D-Link DE-528 ethernet pci adapter
dial-up adapter
netBEUI-> D-Link DE-528 ethernet adapter
netBEUI-> dial-up adapter
tcp/ip -> D-Link DE-528 ethernet adapter
In device mgr for network I have:
D-Link D-528 eyhernet adapter
resources says IR-10  I/O range 1000-101F
Does this help any?  
Serge PelletierIT ManagerCommented:
Under tcpip, click properties...
look at the adress there (see preview comment)
and on one tab you should see client for MSNetworks with a checkmark (mine is in french and I don't remember the english term, I believe it would be binding but I'm not sure) the tab having this indication is one of the last refering to "link/binding/..."

With these 2 recommendations and the ones from "pslh" you should be communating now...

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