Drive 'Letter' Assignments

Is there anyway to force Windows95 to assign the drive letters that I want the drives to have, to my three hard drives, (one is partitioned into two drives?)
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RobWMartinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, but No.

BTW: DOS assigns the drive letters, not Win95.
oldslowpokeAuthor Commented:
Thanks RobWMartin
Well it was a thought.  I was thinking that maybe, just maybe changing the drives location, ( primary slave, secondary master, secondary slave, etc.) might have something to do with the letter they are assigned.
oldslowpokeAuthor Commented:
To RobWMartin
The reason I wanted to make the assignments is that as I said I have three hard drives and one is partitioned into two.  As usual the primary is assigned 'C', one half of the partitioned drive is 'D', the second part is 'F' and the third drive is 'E'. My CD drive is 'G'.  I do not understand these assignments.

The partitioned drive ( I'm assuming it is the primary slave ) has a primary partition (D:) and an extended partition with a logical drive. Logical drives get second dibs on the assignment, after the primary partitions.  Probably has to do with the fact that logical drives don't actually show up in the partition table; they are linked throughout the extended partition.  Thus, there is a little more work to do in finding them.  So, the primary partitions on the three hard drives get first dibs (C:,D:,E:), then the logical drive on the second physical drive (F:), then the removable drive (i.e. the CD drive) get final dibs (G:).

Also, I didn't understand from your original question that you were willing to reconnect or jumper your drives to change their order.  This is totally possible.  It's just that once DOS has assigned drive letters, I don't know of a way to reassign them.  There was (is) a DOS command called subst that used to be fun to play with.  With that you could associate an available drive letter to an arbitrary path.  I don't think Windows liked this too much, so it probably wouldn't help you.

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