How to embed ActiveX component to ASP file?

hello experst,

i am working on ActiveX dll.
i already creat a component. now i want to embed this component to asp file for internet services. so send me the steps for embeding this components.

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FRehmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you have Visual Interdev then first of open a new asp file and then there is toolbox on left side there are few tabs here you select activex tab and then press right click on this toolbox you have "costomize toolbox " option you select it and then browse your activex file and press ok now you activex control include in activex toolbox you can easily select it
if you face any problem in this procedure then reply me at
AurokripaAuthor Commented:
hi expert,

your answer is acceptable. but what i want is:

i developed a dll file & it is registered in my local m/c. now i want to upload that com(dll file) on server. so what i have to do???

what i think:
i have to register my dll on server.
if i am right then please tell me how to register on server.

if i am wrong then please tell me the way to do so.


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