Laptop Problems installing win95/98

I was given a laptop when I only had four applications left. After I haad formatted the computer it still only starts with a 98 boot disk even thought 95 was the last program in the laptop. Now ever time I put in over 360 file by hand because it dopesn't register the external CD-Rom that I had bought. The computer does reconize the file in the VMM32 Dir. even though they are in there one by one and won't let me start windows and then just shuts down. What can I do?
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trekie1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
this sounds like a older laptop  so you need to reinstall win95  and unless your new external cdrom came with a driver disk that will install without an operating system you will have to install win95 byway of another computer using a program such as fxcopy or diretcable
After you formatted the hard rive did you install an operating system (win98). If not then you have a blank hard disk. Install win98 and then your applications. You will need a boot disk that the cd drivers to enable your cd drive.
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