Have second graphics card, want second console

My primary card is a ATI Rage Xpert LCD which works fine.  I also have a C&T 65555 card.  Anyone know a way to have two consoles going, one on each card?  I was hoping it would do it automatically but there's not a flicker on the second monitor.
Ta, Tim.
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That isnt widely supported, apart from some cvards that hosts two moitors on a single board (Such as the Matrox G200/400 Dualhead" but even then support is sketchy.
XFree86-4.0 will have true multi head support. a development version is currently available: http://www.xfree86.org/


you can buy Metro-X for $39, which already has this built in (and is easy to configure): http://www.metrolink.com/productindex.html

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timsAuthor Commented:
Thanks ventolin.  I will watchout for the release of XFree86 4 which will be usefull but I just need a text console on the other video card for now.  Is this available somewhere or do I have to use it with an X server only?
The problem lies in the fact that PC's were not originally designed with the idea that multiple display adapters would be installed. I have only seen this with an X server. If it can be done, I'd love to hear about it.
timsAuthor Commented:
I'll just have to wait until XFree86 4 comes out or treat myself to Metro-X.
If I find out how to start a second text console you'll be the first to know.
Thanks again.
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