Win98:Serial Communications Functions,Classes, etc.

I am in need of a basic set of serial port functions to send/receive data from the com ports.  I have looked through many books and have only found MSComm, the Active X control, and a few other incomplete libraries.  I would be satisfied with MSComm (I believe) if I could find some C++ documentation on it (all I find is VB).  SO:  I am looking for a good serial solution.  The soln must have basic readChar, writeChar, readBlock, writeBlock functionality.  That's it.  No error checking or anything else.  Any ideas?
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Hi SoundsFishy,

Here is some code I'm use myself. It is simple and has not much error checking.

May be I should wrap it in some class ones.

HANDLE hComHandle;

hComHandle = CreateFile ("\\\\.\\COM1", GENERIC_READ | GENERIC_WRITE,

 DCB dcb;
// Initialise serial communication
 if (GetCommState(hComHandle, &dcb))
// Set the serial communicaton options
  dcb.BaudRate      = CBR_9600;
  dcb.Parity      = NOPARITY;
  dcb.ByteSize      = 8;
  dcb.StopBits      = ONESTOPBIT;

  if (!SetCommState(hComHandle, &dcb))
// Now you can use the ReadFile and WriteFile function as if hComHandle is a normal file.

It should work for the paralel port also.


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