.JPG Format?

Which is the .jpg or .gif format? I want to use the color and the position of an image in my programs
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?  I'm not sure I understand your question, but here are the main differences between jpg and gif.

JPG (or JPEG) file format is ideal for photos, or any image that where side-to-side pixels are different.  It uses up to 16 million colors, which allows fo great color detail.

GIF, on the other hand, is more appropriate for line art, black and white images, generally anything where most of the pixels along each line are similar in color and hue.  It is also the only format for transparent images.

GIF uses 256 colors or less, which explains why phots won't typically look very good as GIF's.

Generally, you choose whichever reduces the image size more without sacrificing image quality.  Use your image editing program to save in both formats, then use Windows Explorer to see which is smaller in size and still looks good.

I hope that helps!


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KansaoAuthor Commented:
I want to know how is .jpg data saved. I want to open the .jpg file and read the data. Which is the data file format?
The only way of opening a JPG file is with an image viewer, a paint program, or your browser.  Which one will open it depends on your settings.

Most people'S original settings allow for the browser to open JPG (and GIF) images;  however, if you have Office, it probably will default to Paint.  Moreover there are several shareware, freeware, and frankly inexpensive image manipulation tools available on the web.

I'm getting an idea of what you want.  The fast answer is:  you CANNOT (to my knowledge) manipulate the image's data outside of an image editor such as my personal favorite, PaintShop Pro (available for free 30 day trial from www.jasc.com), without breaking the integrity of the image.  I also do not know how that data is parsed (or whatever happens when the computer "sees" it!) nor can you gather the type of info you want from it except in an image editor.

I suspect you don't have time to learn how to use a new piece of software.  If you have a particular project that needs working on NOW, let me know, I'll see if I can help you out, ok?

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