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Borland C++ Builder Links

Hi does anyone now were I can find
some cool Borland C++ Builder were I can find sone help and project codes, tutors links
 Not C++ or VC++ Thanks please send them to Dreamvb@Yahoo.com

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"Thanks please send them to Dreamvb@Yahoo.com"

Please don't. Please post them here, so that we can all share them.

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good, but not the only one. So, why lock the question? You've been around here long enough to know better. Lock it now & no one else will post, so knowledge of other sites won't make it to here.
In the first place, for 5 points, there is not going to be alot of action anyway. In the second place I have noticed that locking a question will not stop other experts from posting. Anyway, i don't see how it is your place to critise, as you are not asking the question, and this list of links maybe all dreamvb. If he wants more he has only to ask. If you want more post your own question and then you can be snooty about locking the question.
well, the last thing that I want (honestly) is to start a flame war (despite that snide "snooty" dig).   Although I agree that experts will often answers after a question is locked, they certainly won't do it *as often* as if it were not locked.

 We've both been around here long enough to see people citicize others for locking questions, sometimes not as politley as I did (and we've probably both been on the receiveing end before). SO, no need to take offence.

Anyway, I'm going to stop tracking this Q. now. Best wishes to all.
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