Network Client Administrator

Where in W2K is the Network Client Administrator in Windows 2000 ?
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a lot of things have changed in Win2K regarding client & remote installations

1. creation of boot disks: use 'makeboot a:' from the bootdisk folder on the CD

2. automated installation using disk duplication

3. RIS: Remote Installation Services
   workstations must support remote boot

4. RIS without remote boot NIC's:
   use the Remote Boot Disk Generator
   (RBFG.EXE) located in
   \RemoteInstall\admin folder on a
   RIS server

I hope this can help you ...

Install on the clients the MMC. Microsoft Management console. But create the consoles in autor mode and save the consoles in user mode. In user mode the clients cannot change the snap-ins.
You create the MMC and you distribute this to the other administrators, print operators e.o.

bombheadAuthor Commented:
The main thing I need to know is how to do a network install of Windows 95 using Windows 2000 Server

I just had a look on the Win2000 Advanced Server RTM CD:
There is no Win95 (or other) client
software on the CD
Only the Active Directory Client for Win9x and the Win9x IP Printing Installation.
(those are the only things available
under the \clients folder)

Is that what you wanted ?

My company is facing a similar problem.
Windows 2000 doesn't include an RPL service, only the Remote Installation service, which enables you to create an image of Windows 2000 for remote installation across on machines with PXE enabled network cards (i.e. RPL cards are not supported).

I spoke to someone from Micrososft regarding this problem (in my case, my company uses Remoteboot DOS clients that pull in a copy of DOS 6.22 via RPL and then run the DOS Citrix client - the results are different but the methodology is the same)

The best thing they could suggest was using a thrid party PXE tool, such as the PXE toolkit from Bootix ( to create boot images.

However, they both concluded that this was not a scenario that Win2K was intended to support, so this would be, at best, a workaround.

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