WIN98 restarting

I have 20 NEW PC With Matsonic Boards,WIN98 SE, and when i Want RESTART Windows I couln't.ShutDown is OK but Restart
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
hlava,<<when i Want RESTART Windows I couln't>>. What happens later and what was done? The restart button is greyed out or put you to a blank black screen?
windows 98SE has a known issue with the Shutdown/Restart here is the information site on MS to goto for more information about this, they offer a downloadable patch to fix this issue.  This is an intermitent bug so it may or may not appear on all or some of the PC's running Win98SE.
The following URL is one string:
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
indicus, Welcome you as newly joint today.
Apart from that, if a question needs diagnosis, it would be better to post yours as comment so that the question will not be locked from other experts' participation unless you are certain that your suggestion would be the most probable solution to the question out of a "guess" or "maybe".

If your comment is the one that has solved the problem, you can still be graded by the option of "accept comment as answer" from the questioner.

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Hint taken, thanx
hlavaAuthor Commented:
I tried this Patch but it is for ShutDown not for Restarting
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
hlava, still awaiting more of your information per my above comment.
hlavaAuthor Commented:
It break on Window like "wait for restarting" or something like this in english.I couldn't say it because in our country it is "Ya chvili bude pocitac mozno vypnout".it is 1st Message when you restarting or Shutdowning
That patch is also to fix that restart problem, althouhg it mainly afects the Shutdown of win98SE.  Check all of your drivers, and the device Manager in System:contol Panel.  there may be some conflicts.  

Check your power settings, in the control panel, these may have something to d with it, the Motherboard supports the auto power-down but when it tries to do so it can't so it reboots.  check your BIOS and see what the power seeting reflect, this feature may just be turned off by default.
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
hlava, you may try to confirm that you have set a computer environment with path set so that it can restart:-

In considering it is a Win98SE, normally there are one of the main cause for in restart is there are multiples/duplicate entry of devices in the "system" of device manager.

(1) Make certain that the CONFIG.SYS contains lines like this: -

     Make certain that the AUTOEXEC.BAT contains lines like this: -
     set comspec=C:\

     WHERE: /L:X          X is your cdrom drive letter.
                   C:\TEMP   is your directory for your temp files.
                   C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\EBD\OAKCDROM.SYS   you may replace it with right path of your specific cdrom driver.

(2) Next, go to the safe mode, device manager, expand all the devices especially the system devices.
     There you may find a lot of duplicates items with the same name.
      e.g two or three management support, or ACPI pnp Bios, two system clock etc.  Check the properties-driver date. Select the newest one dated 04-23-1999 and delete the other duplicates by REMOVAL.

     Then, restart to the command mode.
      At the C:\ prompt, type "scandisk /all /autofix /nosave /nosummary /surface" without the quotation mark and press enter. It will scandisk and fix errors and a detail surface scan.
      Next, at the C:\ prompt, type "scanreg /fix" without the quotation mark and press enter. It will fix the registry.

      Next, restart to normal mode. Those previously deleted devices, if some needed will re-detect again.

      Then shut down the computer via start-shut down and shutdown.

      After 10 min. start the computer again into normal mode and run and shut down again.

Afterward, try restart on next start of computer. See if any improvement.

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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
sdland1, I advised you better withdraw your proposed answer into comment.

hlava, please reject sdland1's proposed answer and re-open this question.

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