hiding and showing parts of a page using <DIV>


i'm designing a webpage with a lot of info on it and i want to hide most of it until somebody clicks a link, then it should expand en show the details


<a href=# onClick="ShowDiv(1);">link 1</a>
<div name=x1 class=mydivclass>info</div>
<a href=# onClick="ShowDiv(2);">link 2</a>
<div name=x2 class=mydivclass>info</div>
<a href=# onClick="ShowDiv(3);">link 3</a>
<div name=x3 class=mydivclass>info</div>

the info in the divs is initially hidden using document.mydivclass.style.display="none"

how do i
-refer to one specific div, how can i turn a variable into an object (ie divname="SuchAndSo" and then i want to set properties in the way of document.divname.property etc)

- make this div visible
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Hi there:

You must use this code:

<script LANGUAGE="javascript">
var ns = (document.layers)? true:false;
var ie = (document.all)? true:false;
function show(id) {
  if (ns) document.layers[id].visibility = "show"
      else if (ie) document.all[id].style.visibility = "visible"
function hide(id) {
  if (ns) document.layers[id].visibility = "hide"
      else if (ie) document.all[id].style.visibility = "hidden"

and declare ths divs this way:

<style TYPE="text/css">
#menu1layerDIV {position:absolute; left:1; top:140; visibility:hidden;}-->
<div id="menu0layerDIV">

If you want to hide it just do this:
and if you want to show it:

Now if you wanto to convert a variable into an object just do this:

eval("document." + divname + ".property = fooo")


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heitAuthor Commented:
xabi, code works fine, thanx!

i've increased the points because i have an additional question:

i can't use the absolute positioning because i don't know how much text should be above the div ... what i would like to do is design it in a way that it really pops up between the lines, so that first i've got a lot of text, then i press a link and then the text separates and a div show in between. Now i use relative divs, but when it is invisible it still takes the place between the lines, only the divtext is hidden.

Do you know how to solve this?

i use ie 4.0
Here goes the IE code:

--------- 8< -------- 8< ----
<script LANGUAGE="javascript">
function clikker(a) {
  if (a.style.display =='') a.style.display = 'none'
  else a.style.display=''

<body marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" topmargin="0" leftmargin="0">
<a href="javascript:clikker(menu)">click</a><br>
end of text--------------<br>
<div <div ID="menu" STYLE="DISPLAY: none" >
ini ------<br>
end ----
--------- 8< ------ 8< ------


PS: Only IE
heitAuthor Commented:
great, it works just fine!
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