Usenet and Internet?

What's the difference between usenet and internet?
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expertmbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
  is the oldest and largest existing Internet Community in the world. Usenet is popular because you can reach millions of users in moments with posts that can incorporate text, sounds, images, videos, and programs. You can look for a job, share a recipe, read jokes, exchange pictures, sell your car and more within moments. With over 30,000 newsgroups available, you can share your ideas and learn from other Usenet users all over the planet. Read up on the latest gossip about your favorite stars, talk about your pet, find support groups, download graphics, and talk about the latest game releases. Usenet is a forum for discussion, a resource for research, and a gallery of
 personalities. More dynamic than the web, Usenet offers a high
 level of interactivity and strong communities of interest. The most common language used on Usenet is English, however you can find newsgroups for and about any other language and country on the planet.

for Internet  gothrough this URL

very briefly (what do oyu expect for 20 points <g>) ... internet the conenction of computers on which the WWW sits. Usenet is small subset of that. It is like a bulitien board system where people get together to ask questions, post answer & discuss.

See for the usenet. Like I said, the Internet is the 'glue' that hols the web, suenet, everything else. Its the physical hardware connections between servers (computers of ISPs, governments, universities, ect).

p.s please delete the other copy of this question.
looks liek a cut & paste job to me :-)
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btw, you forgot to paste something to tell him what the internet is

and what the difference between the two is.
joeDreamAuthor Commented:
Thanks expertmb and graham_k. Sorry about posting this question twice - the culprit is netsonic and its auto-refresh feature. I'll just disable netsonic's acceleration for this site next time.
I thought this was a simple question and 20 points should've covered it....but graham_k didn't think the same so, i've increased the points.
Hey, doesn't matter to me if its a cut& long as i get my questions answered. expertmb, there's no need to tell me about the internet and after i have a look at those links u mentioned, i should get to know the diff between the two. thanx again. ;-)
joeDreamAuthor Commented:
forget to mention a "thank u" to anthem...sorry i deleted the other question.
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