HP 5200 distorts scanned text

At out school we have HP 5200 scanners.  When we scan text most of it is clear but one portion of it is always unreadable. We have no trouble with scanning pictures.  What is the cause?  Thank you for helping us figure this out so we can have quality scans.  Any other tips will be helpful too. Why does the site say my question is unlocked?
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laville6Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
Your question is unlocked until someone provides an answer and locks your question until you evaluate the answer.

Is the portion that is unreadable always the same?  Is this a logo or something that comes out distorted?

If the rest of the scans - pictures and text - are coming out OK, there is something common about the distorted area.  Is it in the same place?

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laville6Author Commented:
I am away at a conference right now and will give more details when I get back.  The distorted area might be in the bottom left  and then maybe  in another place.
laville6Author Commented:
Thanks for you fantastic expertise.  I really appreciate it.  I asked the teachers to email their problems and none of them did so I will let this go.  I have a HP 6300 at home and do all of my scanning there with no problems.  I researched the 5200 and they supposedly come with some form of an OCR program.  Maybe my 6300 just does a better job.  Thanks again! :)
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