how to compile a multi-source program

I have a program a class A in
and i have a class B that use the class A in the file

how can I compile B.class?
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I'm not sure entirely what you mean...the order you compile in is not really relevant.

Just compile them like this..


If b is using a then compile a first.
or use
or even :)
 javac *.java
There have a java compiler from IBM called jikes.
Download from here:

You can compiler java source with the following commands:
jikes *.java
The compiler would run through the source once and get the dependence information. It would compile the source in order of dependence.
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javac will do the same.
the main difference is that javac is written in Java, and jikes is written in 'pure c++' :), that's why jikes is much quicker
For compiling such multisource program
javac *.java is best method.

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I'm not sure what are the question u ask. But in my opinion , if u are use multi class in your program, u can type them in a file name. Just one of them is a
"public class.......

// the rest//

class .....

// program//

I hope these is the answer u want.
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From: ramshakal
Date: Thursday, January 20 2000 - 01:00PM PST
For compiling such multisource program
javac *.java is best method.

what an EXPERT answer.
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