won't boot; device IOS windows protection error

When booting one day, with no revious problems, I get a black screen with "While initialzing device IOS: Windows protection error. You need to restart your computer"; which obviously didn't work. It will run in safe mode. It's a homebuilt K6-2/333 running W95. I've installed the fix for fast (>350 mhZ) AMD CPUs (even though it didn't apply) with no luck.
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syzygyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
a patch is available from ftp://ftp.gateway.com/pub/gw-sold_ms-apps/win_95/iosfix.exe

for this exact problem.  (It stops the problem recurring once you fix it by renaming rmm.pdr)

also look into the patch(es) for windows95 when using "fast" amd cpus.
You might also want to check this out:
This is the patch for windows 95 when using fast cpus.
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rwarren011900Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
rwarren011900Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
If it runs in Safe Mode go into DevMan and create a second hardware profile. Boot to that profile in Safe mode and then disable all devices in that profile.

See if you can reboot normally, if you can, start re-enabling devices one at a time until you get the WPE again.
You need as Brainmaster and Anthem suggest you to get a patch called
Amdk6upd.zip or Amdk6up.exe .  It is available on Amd web site at


This patch file is needed only for win95 with a Amd K6 processor over 350
 mhz systems to avoid a blue screen startup error message, usually a Ios.vxd error, that appears randomly.

If you use win98, this patch is not useful, so do not use it.
Try this simple solution.  Boot into your windows in safe mode by pressing F8 just before window starts.  Go to start -> run and type sysedit.  Expand the system.ini and go to [386Enh]and comment out the line "mouse=*vmouse, msmouse.vxd" by either putting ";" or "rem" infront of it.  Reboot your system into your windows.  If you can boot into your windows, the problem is solved.  Now, press start by using your keyboard because your mouse is not working at this point; go to run and type sysedit and remove the rem or ; that you used to comment out.  Reboot your system.  I hope this helps.  If not I have more approaches to it.  The above solution is simple and swift; hence, I offered this solution as the first try.

Try going into dos mode and renaming the file


Next time winodws boots up, it will take a bit longer than usual as it rebuild that file, then everything should work.

This issue useually appears after some sort of change to windows, usually a very minor one like installing a new game, but sometimes it appears spontaniously.
rwarren011900Author Commented:
3 of you suggested I use the fast AMD CPU patch even though my question stated my CPU was a 333 (not the >350 the patch was for). I ammended my question to say that I had already installed it, even though it didn't apply (or work).
Anyway, the situation deteriorated quickly. The next day I couldn't get to safe mode, it just locked b4 getting to Windows; and finally it went into a constant reboot loop! I gave up and formatted C:, and installed W98, which I had been thinking about doing for a few months anyway. I've read the IOS problem is only a W95 phenomenon, and if it was a virus, I hope it's gone ( my HD has 4 partitions).
Thanks for trying.
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