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How can I move images that I insert in the front page editor?
Can I only put them in right/centre/left?

I find it very hard to manipulate them!

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tim_richardsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, you can move them about.  On the Pictures menu bar there is a button that defines an image as being placed relative to the page (I have not got FP installed on this PC, so cannot remember the exact title, and I would hate to misleed you with teh wrong name).  Press this and you can then move the image around relative to the anchor point.

You should not that this facility is not available on all browsers, so your viewers may not see the desired effect.

Oh yes, and don't forget 'floating' graphics, where text flows around them.  This often gives a good effect.  And placing the grapgics/text in tables.
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