LILO crash

using compaq installed rh 6.1 as workstation. went ok?
on bootup all i get is LI? how do i get in to correct the problem?
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- Reboot with a rescue floppy.

- Mount the file system containing /etc (usu. /) to /mnt.  Something like, mount /dev/hda1 /mnt ...

- Edit /mnt/etc/lilo.conf and add a line with the word "linear" on it. No quotes, of course.

- Next, there are several possibilities on how to proceed.  I'll give you my preferred method.  You need to make /mnt look like your normal root directory to lilo, but only for the info lilo actually needs.  lilo needs to see your /boot directory and the directory containing your boot kernel, along with the config file in /mnt/etc.  If you need to mount /boot because it is on a separate partition, then do so on /mnt/boot (it should already be there).  Then issue the following:

/mnt/sbin/lilo -r /mnt

- pop the floppy and reboot.

Good luck!

If you don't have a rescue floppy at hand, boot from your RH6.1 CD and enter "rescue" at the boot: prompt. That should boot to a minimum linux system so that you can follow the steps that RobWMartin outlined.

the other more easy way is by booting the linux installation cd. and choose upgrade and deselecting all the application to install. and after that there will be appear a choice in installing lilo,just choose as wouldn't do anyharm by choosing upgrade.

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