hard drive problem

I reformatted my hard drive without making a boot disk. I was trying to remove windows 95. Now when I power up the system DOS goes as far as "verifying DMI Pool Data" then I get "Invalid system disk, replace the disk, then press any key".  I've tried to create a boot disk off someone elses system (format A:/s). When I powered up the system I was back at the same place. If I place a DOS installation disk in the A: drive, will the system recognize it? Or is the system looking for something else?
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You will possible need to get into the BIOS (before programs load) and change the boot order to put the floppy in front of all other devices. Then when you boot it shoudl check the floppy first and boot from it if the floppy is bootable.
If you have Norton Utilities in an older version (dos based) there is a tool to make a disk bootable.  (Disktool.exe) use that with a _DOS_ bootable disk to make the harddrive bootable.

If not then use the SYS command from a (real) DOS boot disk.  Write SYS C: which will transfer the system files to your harddrive.


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If you already have the system files in your hardisk exp: in drive c:\ , just enter the CMOS setting to change the boot sequences to C:\ first than other drives. If you want use system disk in drive a:\ , change the boot sequences in CMOS to a:\
first and restart.......
Well, if there's a boot order, and the bios doesn't find a bootable system on c: it will go to a:  (mine does)  So that doesn't really matter, what matters is getting the systemfiles on the harddrive, and the two methods above is the way to do that easily.

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