deleted files

Hi guys

How can I be certain that I have eliminated all files from the recycle bin permanently, to the point where they can't be recovered by third party software.

TIA, Jovix
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Use Norton utilities "file shredder".

There are also utilities available that store visible directories as encrypted in windows and not viewable in dos. When the file is killed, the remnants still need to be decrypted to be viewed on recovery.
This makes ascii hd txt search and recovery close to impossible unless you know how the file was encrypted and relistically would consume too much time to try.

I won't say impossible because anything created on a computer can be pulled apart if the right method is found.
It would just be really hard.

The combination of the above two mean that the file location gets removed by shredder and it was never a file that could be viewed easily in the first place.

if you don't want to spend money, one way you could make the files unreadable is to overwrite them with other documents and then delete those documents.  The second document could be recovered but the original never would after being overwritten.
Jovix, your question is extremely techinical depending on the level of security you desire. As an example, if you wanted to prevent a family member or a friend from recovering a file you would use currently available tools, on the other hand, if you were concerned about sophisticated recovery methods, then you would need a program that will delete the douments and overwrite them with null values throughout.

Right now, this is about the best non-government utility around:

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I think there is a free utility program called BCwipe that is really good for total deletion. You can get it at Maybe someone can comment if this is an appropriate program.

I am going to post an article later tonight that is very suited for this topic, and may answer some of your questions, I'll do that from home though.

Watch for it.
An easy way is to run Defrag after you empty the recycle bin, this should overwrite the files and make them unrecoverable
Jovix, when I posted my comment earlier, I had been looking for a specialized program that would guarantee what you are trying to do and couldn't find it.

I have found it now and am posting it as the answer. The URL is below!



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