How do I network older Macintosh's?

Hello. My parents own two gas stations, and they use a Macintosh Centris 610, LC, and Powerbook 160 for all their computing needs. I would like to network all of these computers together, using the Centris 610 or LC as the server. I have a few questions though:

If I networked them together through phone lines, would local calls cost extra money?

Would Appletalk, Localtalk work?

When connected to the server, would the phone line be "tied up" as long as someone is using a file from the server. Or would the phone line be "tied up" as long as someone just downloads a file from the server?

Can a computer download a file from the server using Appletalk, Localtalk and then send the updated file back to the server.

Would 14.4 modems work for these simple networking needs?

Thank you.
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Ok heres how itll work. You set up the Centris 610 as a server. It would need 1 or 2 modems connected to it depending on whether you want both the LC and the PB to be able to connect at the same time. SInce youre using modems its just like making a phone call so you will get charged accordingly. Localtalk/appletalk will work but it will be DEATHLY slow over a 14.4 modem. Youre probably better off setting up an FTP or web based server on the centris which the others could access via an FTP client or web browser.

Yes you can download the file from the server but as i stated youll want to use ftp or web and they will be able to resend the updated file to the server.

I stated already that 14.4 modem is gonna be harsh...even 56k for appletalk is pushing it but it can be done.

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Joel_MartinAuthor Commented:
How do I go about setting up a FTP or web based server.  Would I have to sign up with an ISP?
well youll probably want something like vicomsofts internet gateway that will serve PPP. Its available from You could also use apples built in www software that comes with all versions after 8.1(?) i think its 8.1. There are lots of options as far as FTP server. Some are integrated FTP and WWW. Search for ftp or server and youll come up with lots of options.
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