I have a asus sp-67v mitherboard with a amd k=6 233 mmx cpu, what is the fastest cpu that I can put in this motherboard? Another question, instead of trying to upgrade this old system, would it be better to buy new. I only have 48 meg ram and a 1.6 gig hard drive which is near capacity.

Also would it be better if I have to buy a new one to order it rather than trying to build it myself? I feel like I could put it together, but after checking on prices it seems that the companies such as dell or gateway can do it cheaper than I. What is your opinion?

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Dell or Gateway do it cheaper than you?!!!  Only if you buy parts from CompUSA!!!

Search the internet for the parts you want and find the cheapest prices.  The harder you look, the better prices you'll get.  

So, to answer your questions:
Yes, get a new computer.  It's not worth upgrading the old one when the parts will cost you as much as building a new system and it still wont be current.
No, it would not be better to have Dell or Gateway do it for you.  If you CAN do it yourself, do so.

Hope this helps
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Generally, I agree with 1cell.  One company I'd suggest for parts is called Micro Pro - WWW.MPI-PC.COM - I just ordered parts for myself from them and have been ordering from them for about 3 years now.  Further, when you do your homework and find cheaper vendors, you can tell Micro Pro the price that the other vendors can get you (best to provide proof so keep the web site(s) handy and they'll match or come close to the price you found (the only they didn't for me was on a Super Micro P6DBE motherboard - Price they listed - $175, price I found - $157, Price they came down to - $159.  a good web site for price comparison - if you know roughly what you're looking for -  And it's best to get your items from as few different vendors as possible - saves on excess shipping charges and "paperwork" for you in remembering who you ordered what from and what shipping was, etc.

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another good one is

IBE_GONEAuthor Commented:
Took time to explain what and where I could find the parts. Did not just say do it.

I appreciate the time and effort and with y'alls help I am sure that I can put one together as I stuck this one together a long time ago.

Thanks again,
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