SDRAM DIMMs for Laserjet

This is a two-part question:

1) My HP Laserjet 5000 manual does not prohibit non-HP memory chips to be installed in the printer.  It only specifies using either EDO DIMMs or SDRAM DIMMs, and gives their part numbers.  Of course, I want to just purchase top-name-brand DIMMs at the rock-bottom internet market prices.  Non-HP memory is also available at higher capacities than their highest 32MB modules.  I did this clever swap with an older HP230E inkjet plotter using SIMMs from my old Macintosh.  It's been working fine for over two years.  Will I get into trouble with the newer laserjets and the newer SDRAM chips?  Of course I do not want to take HP's advice literally -- I'd rather get advice from third party experts.

2)  What's the difference between regular 3.3v SDRAM DIMMs and 3.3v PC-100 SDRAM DIMMs?  Their prices seems to be the similar.
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Yes, you can use dimms with a non-HP brand in the laser printer. However, the dimms in the HP laser printers are 100 pin dimms if I am not mistaken, and they are not compatible with the memory from a PC. We usually purchase memory from Kingston for the HP laser printers.
The PC-100 part in the SDRAM description means that it is meant for a 100Mhz bus, and the standard SDRAM dimms are usually for a 66Mhz bus. Neither one of these will be compatible with the HP laser printer due primarily to the number of pins required by the HP printer.

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if you have the HP part number, you might go to:


and see if they have a cross, great memory products, support and warranty
archkenAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  I didn't know that the number of pins is different.  Guess I simply lucked out with the old Mac SIMM in the HP Designjet plotter?  It's been working fine, tough.

Also, thank you Oldgreyguy, for the very helpful tip on Kingston cross-matching.  I've been able to locate their equivalent, and comparing it to the more expensive HP, I think I'll go with Kingston's lifetime warranty.
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