Printing from Unix to Windows

I want to print in a HP laser attached
to a Windows 95 machine from Unix(under the same network)
In other words I want to print from a SparcClassic to Windows95.

I tried with samba like this

1. smbclient //machine/printer

2. print document

(the printer is already shared)

Actually I could print something (in text or postscript format)but only  came out one line from the printer.

Do I have to configure something in
smb.conf? or I have to configure something in Windows 95???

Any Idea

Thanks in advance.....

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Check the spooler interface on the Unix machine.  If you get output, but only one line at the top of each page, you have a CR vs CRLF problem.  The spooler is assuming that a Line Feed will also generate a Carriage Return.  There is usually a CR=CRLF option in the spooler script.
Do You have an LPD daemon running on  Windows 95?
Go to the and download the evaluation of "InetD" from the list of evaluation products.
This has the LPD daemon and other Server daemons to be enabled on Windows platform for interoperation with UNIX.
If you have any problems installing - contact TechSupport at Hummingbird and say that you're evaluating the product. They will help you to install and configure it.
You will have it at least for 30 days working and you will know already until then how to configure it.
cblazqueAuthor Commented:
To klover:

Exactly where can I modify what you said
I have no problem to print a postscript
document only text document (and it's
for the CR=CRLF option)

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This is where the spoller scripts reside on many types of Unix.  In this directory, there will be a text file named after the print queue that you can modify to turn banners off or on, set the cr-crlf optione, etc.

If it is not in the directory above try the following command to find it where myhp is the name of the Unix print queue you created...

find / -name myhp -print

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cblazqueAuthor Commented:
To klover:

This is what I found in the file:

CR=`${TPUT} cr`
[ -z "${CR}" ] && CR="\r"

FF=`${TPUT} ff`


Now what??????????
When you created this "printer"  you gave it a dumb interface which is fine for your .ps files.  Try creating a second printer pointing to the same device, but use a LaserJet interface.

This article is an oldie, but a goodie.  It describes a dumb interface that converts LFs to CRLFs.

If this doesn't work, you'll have to futz around with the existing script.  Here are some links that might help...

If you just need to convert some text files for one time printing....

You may be able to embed the awk command from the link above into the script.

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