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Regarding Hexadecimal Address

hi experts,

I came across several programs that has a declaration in hex for example 0x000 whis I believe will be for bits manipulator and I really do not know what it means actually. I just wonder if there is any site can explain the reason they use such declaration and the purpose for doing so...

Basically, is there any reference I can  refer to when I come across this type of declarion again...

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1 Solution
Just about any C/C++ book will show the different ways you can create literals of the language.  In this case, a literal hexidecimal number is created by prepending the 0x.

Hexadecimal numbers are base 16 numbers, just like binary numbers are base 2 numbers.  A hexidecimal digit can be 0-9,A,B,C,D,E,F.  Where A=10, B=11, C=12, D=13, E=14, and F=15.

For instance hexadecimal A which equals 10 in decimal is also equivalent to 1010 in binary.  

In both C and C++, you can create decimal, octal, or hexidecimal numbers.  A decimal number such as 10, requires no prefix.  A hexadecimal number such as A, requires the 0x prefix.

Examine this code:
int i = 10;   // i gets the decimal value of 10
int i = 0xA; // i also gets the decimal value of 10

People often use hexadecimal notation as a condensed form of reading binary.  Since an A in binary is 1010, it is much easier just to read a single character, instead of 4.

See the following websites:
dekoayAuthor Commented:
Hi tdubroffs,

What does the 0x means  then ?
0x are the leading chars to tell then the number following is hexadecimal.
dekoayAuthor Commented:
hi tdubroff,
Thanks for response

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